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Our Amazing Results

  • I’ve always had a small chest (33B) and because of my breast shape and gravity I ended up with small, droopy breasts even though I’m only in my mid 30s. I had to do something! Went over to the clinic, talked my wishes over with Dr. Sayed and about two weeks later I went from less attractive saggy breasts to gorgeous full C breasts. I look delicious and my inner confidence is sky rocketing right now. Huge thanks to Dr. Sayed and his staff!

  • A whirlwind of excitement, doubts, concerns, eagerness were making my heart race that day…all negative emotions gone once I saw my new breasts looking better day by day. Now I’m shopping for pretty new bras walking proudly with a cleavage that makes me feel feminine, voluptuous and confident. Thank you so much Dr. Sayed for making this a dream come true!

  • The thing that impressed me the most was the way Dr. Sayed spoke like an artist when we discussed the things I wanted to improve about my appearance. Improvement he did and more. My results were life changing, I don’t regret a single $ spent at the Pascual MD center!

  • I wasn’t interested in having cosmetic surgery but eventually I had to make an appointment for laser scar treatment after suffering a severe burn on my right arm. The stubborn scar is not so stubborn anymore, you can barely tell I had an injury there. Based on my results and aftercare, I must admit I’m terribly happy with these Miami specialists!